Super Typhoon

  • Working pressure range: 1 to 4 bar
  • AS-anti shiphon dripper prevents suck back
  • CNL-Compensated Non-Leakage.
  • TurboNet™ labyrinth with large water passage
  • Injected dripper, very low CV


Controller or irrigation and automatic nutrient dosing

With area of farm is bigger than 1 hecta, should using automatic dosing sytem to save labor and ensure the supply of nutrients to the same tree each.

Function: Control set-time irrigation and automatic dosing with measuring EC and Ph

Black out and light system

Ground covers and drainage ditches

Trellising system

Structual steel frames are designed to be able to bear trellising loads up to 25 kg/m2. Thus, it is suitable for growing: cucumber, melon, tomatoes..

Controll temperature systems

  • Thermal shading screen
  • Roof ventilation system
  • Circulation fans
  • Cooling pad


Nha Nguyen greenhouse NN-12.8

  • Width of span:     12.8m
  • Gutter height:      5.0m
  • Height at the top  8,0m
  • Moveable top vent :  Automatic butterfly-double roof vent with air vent 1.8 meters, width 2 meters.

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