Hydroponic system could almost double production


NGS is a company devoted to the development and manufacture of advanced solutions for high performance horticulture. "The systems we develop are highly technical and intended to optimise the parameters that determine the profitability of the horticultural production, such as water and fertilisers, labour, number of crop cycles, commercial use, etc.," explains Carla Ramos, of the Exports Department at NGS.



An example of this is the recirculation system MAX PRO, intended for high performance crops, which makes it possible to rotate up to 10 cycles per year in a continuous manner with more than 300,000 plants per hectare and cycle, of which up to 95% are suitable for commercial use.



"If we add to this a greenhouse designed to create an optimal environment for twelve months a year, we achieve a revolutionary system, with state-of-the-art technology and environmentally-friendly," points out the expert. "It is the ideal productive system for future business models."





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