Trellising system

Structural steel frames are designed to be able to bear trellising loads up to 25kg/m2. Thus, it is suitable for growing: cucumber, melon, or tomatoes.

This system could be used for all application of farming practices in greenhouse. It will be installed when plants are young to prevent the light shade among plants. Besides saving space, fruit and vegetables are grown by this method will make it easier to harvest and reduce wastage because these fruits do not contact with the ground

Fruit quality and growth rate of plants when applied this system are very high due to the un-collided among fruits.

An additional benefit of this system is to provide sunlight in the greenhouse with the effective distribution of light around the plants. This system also reduces plant height during plant growth phase, prolong plant growth and achieve higher yields.






    Controller or irrigation and automatic nutrient dosing

    Black out and light system

    Ground covers and drainage ditches

    Controll temperature systems