Nha Nguyen greenhouses NN – 9.6

    • Span                                                                       9.6 m
    • Spacing between central posts                      4.0 m
    • Spacing between 2 trusses                            4.0m
    • Sliding door                                                          1                     

2 options to chose

Fixed roof  ventilation

Gutter height                                         4.0m

Height up to top                                    7.5m

Automatic open-close roof ventilation 

Driven by motor due to the climate controller through the processing of the measured parameters from stations outside (rainfall parameters, intensity wind speed, wind direction) and inside sensor (measuring the parameters of temperature, humidity)

To prevent insect enter inside, 24mesh insect net are inserted to roof vent.

Gutter height                                         4.5m

Height up to top                                    8.0m

Wall ventilation system

To reduce indoor temperature during the day and increase it at night (thermal insulation wall). Four walls (2 gable walls and 2 side-walls) were equipped with movable plastic and roll up-down by motor

Nha Nguyen's sheet fastening clips







    Nha Nguyen greenhouse NN-12.8